70With the spray of Raunak Nursery Special, it gets lush green and healthy so gets more power to resist diseases. After transplanting, the main paddy crop becomes healthy and gives more yield.

Compatibility : compatible with most fungicides and insecticides. D not mix with chemicals that possess/produce alkalinity.

(Micro-nutrient Mixture Grade – I)

73Raunak Wheat Special is an approved state micro-nutrient mixture in combination of zinc, manganese and magnesium to fulfil the deficiency of these nutrients in wheat crop. Spray with 1 Kg per acre dose, crop gives vigour growth and improves in yield also.

(Micro-nutrient Mixture Grade – II)

71Raunak Paddy Special is a state government approved micronutrient mixture constitutes Zinc, Ferrous, and Magnesium to fulfil the deficiency of these nutrients in paddy, cotton and wheat crop. this is used in broadcasting from 5-8 Kg per acre. this gives good crop stand and improves crop yield.

Raunak Gold

72Raunak Gold having all most important micronutrients like zinc, ferrous, magnesium, manganese, copper and boron etc. Works as tonic for plants and improves the resistance power against diseases and improves the yield.

(Micro-nutrient mixture Grade-III)


Composition : State Government Approved Micro-nutrient mixture, with bio stimulants having all the nutrients which are most important like : Zinc, Ferrous, Manganese, Magnesium, copper, boron, Molybdenum, and Calcium etc. Raunak is partially chelated form so that plant can absorb it easily. Use of Raunak recovers the deficiency of nutrients and improves the resistant power of crops. use of Raunak can increase 25% to 30% yield of total production.

Use on following crops : Paddy, Cotton, Wheat, Maize, Barley, Fruits and Vegetables etc.