(Zinc EDTA Chelated 12%)

76Zinc Shakti EDTA consisting of all zinc metal is 100% chelated with EDTA. It is used as a fertilizer to overcome zinc deficiency in plants as well as a source of zinc for those plants which require zinc for their normal growth development and higher yields.

Benefits : Zinc shakti is used to overcome the deficiency symptoms like little leaf of apple, Mottle leaf or frenching of citrus, sickle leaf or cocoo, Rosette of cotton, apple and rubber, white bud of maize, Auxin deficiency of tomato.

(Iron EDTA Chelated 12%)

77A soluble micro-granule formulation of iron (Fe-EDTA) containing water soluble iron (Fe) chelated by EDTA.

(DI Sodium Octa Borate Tetra Hydrate)

78Boron Shakti is recommended for : Apples, Grapes, Papaya, Coffee, Tea, Citrus fruits, Pomegranate, Banana, Maize, Cotton, Sunflower, Groundnut, Sugar-cane, Cabbage, Cauliflower, Onion, Tomato, Carrot, Beet & Celery etc.

(Zinc Sulphate Monohydrate)

79Zinc Sulphate Mono-hydrate has a unique role in photosynthesis as it is involved in chlorophyll production through its influence on protein, carbohydrates, and energy metabolism. All flowering plants require zinc for flower production, fruit and seed setting.

(Manganese Sulphate)

80Mega Shakti is used to remove manganese deficiency of potato, wheat, paddy, citrus, nurseries, maize, sugar-cane, fruit crops and all other crops showing Manganese deficiency symptoms.

(Magnesium 9.6%)

81Magnesium is one of the secondary micro-nutrient which is very essential for photosynthesis. Magnesium is associated with activation of enzymes, energy transfer, production of proteins and metabolism of carbohydrates. magnesium deficiency usually occurs in light acidic soils and high rainfall areas.