India’s economy is an agriculture based economy. Pesticide Industry plays a vital role in our agriculture based economy.Agrochemical responsibility for environment Shaktiman Agro Limited is India’s pioneer fast growing agricultural inputs company which believes in innovation and high quality in Agrochemicals. Company is setting up benchmarks in the marketing of agrochemicals with a strong network , commitment to quality and a mission to make available the most effective , economical and environmentally sustainable agrochemicals to the end user. Also committed to the well-being of society and our earth with products that are efficient yet safer for the environment.

Happy farmer using agrochemicals

The company serves the agricultural sector with
crop protection agrochemicals. We aim to accurately meet the needs of our markets through the development and introduction of existing and new products. The company is the pioneer producer of crop protection chemicals  with a wide portfolio that includes Insecticides, Fungicides, Weedicides, Plant Growth Regulators’ and house hold products. In addition to this, including wide range of straight fertilizers , water soluble fertilizers and state approved Micronutrient  Mixture Fertilizers.

dealing in agrochemicalsThe company has pioneer status in the field of agrochemicals. This has been made possible due to its spirit of innovation and prompt action. We have demonstrated this through timely introduction of a number of agrochemical products

The company has a proud record of supplying wide range of best quality products and making these available at very competitive prices.
The company is managed by competent and committed professionals using advanced management practices. The Company is known for its high performance and continuous improvement.


To lead the market with product excellence and supporting the end user with cost effective and innovative products and practices for rapid growth and high performance.





  • Customer satisfaction :  Most important business theory is customer satisfaction. With deep appreciation towards our customers , we will strive to build a reliable and trust worthy partnership with them , behind a mind that all businesses fail to exist without customers.


  • service and quality of agrochemicalsKnowledge and quality :  It has been developed through agrotechnical studies , field expertise and strength having a vast experience of meeting customer needs over three decades across the country , our success is based on total commitment to quality standards that are in tune with the most demanding international benchmarks in the industry.